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 History of Bushman Burners & Chimineas 
Jay Emery

In 1999 my Wife purchased a birthday gift for me at great expense. This was a Mexican Chiminea sold to her as a garden heater. Following the instructions very carefully, we fired it for the first time and were happy by the glow it provided as we huddled around. We retired late that evening having enjoyed an extended outdoor stay in the garden. However, we were horrified the next morning when we found that the Chiminea had not only seriously cracked, but in fact, the whole bottom had fallen out and could not be used again. Basically, it was scrap.

You can imagine how extremely disappointed I was, but after thoroughly analysing the situation, I realised that in South America, where these Chimineas are widely used, it seldom rains and the likelihood of frost is remote. Therefore their ovens were unlikely to break up or crack too often, and when they do, I assume they simply set about making a new one out of mud that is readily available.

After much thought, I appreciated that the basic concept was great. However, we needed garden heaters designed specifically for that purpose and especially for the UK weather conditions. In other words, it must not only be capable of burning all solid fuels such as soft and hard woods, it must also handle smokeless fuels for people who live in smoke-controlled areas. These people will also wish to derive pleasure out of this brilliant new concept.

So I concluded that the new garden heaters must be durable and be able to withstand changes in climate for example, sun, rain, frost and snow. With these factors in mind, I set about creating my own heater loosely based on the concept of the Mexican Chiminea. After extensive research and many hours of trials, I created the Bushman Burner range of Garden Heaters and Barbecues to market through my new company - Dingley Dell Enterprises.

The Bushman Burner Range of Products truly is a range that can be considered Garden Heaters. With a heat output capable of reaching 70 KW, these heaters have been laboratory tested under the most extreme conditions. We now manufacture the only range of garden-heating appliances to be endorsed by Coalite, Britain's best-selling smokeless coal, and CPL Industries - Manufacturers and Distributors of Home-fire Smokeless Coal. Our Bushman Burners have also come tops for ease of use, comfort, convenience and heat out-put in every comparative test.

This new development will enable everyone who appreciates the outdoor environment to be able to enjoy the wonderful ambience that is created by the Bushman Burner range of garden heaters. Since these early days we have expanded our product range to include  - Wood-burning Pizza ovens, Architectura Pots and Pot Houses.

In 2010 we launched our new Dome Home - the ultimate Dome-shaped Garden Leisure Building.

At Dingley Dell Enterprises we are continually working on new ideas and concepts in order to create and enhance a wonderful ambience to enable everyone to extend their time spent outdoors which is rapidly becoming a way of life in the UK today.

I trust that you will be as excited with our range of products as I am and that you will appreciate that there is no compromise for quality.

I invite you to share in Dingley Dell's Range of innovative products to enhance your garden and extend your time spent outdoors.

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