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Mobile Wood Burning Ovens and Catering Trailers

A Wood Fired Oven that is going to be mounted onto a trailer needs to have been built in a very special way. In order to survive the harsh environment of being on the back of a trailer, we have enhanced the reinforcing and refractory in this range of ovens. Whilst our competitors are only just starting to dabble with this kind of reinforcing....we have perfected it!!

With over 10 years of research and development, our Commercial Mobile Ovens have four independent layers and levels of reinforcing - ensuring that you have a product that is truly designed for the environment that you want to use it in. Not only that, but the Oven Dome is made in one section so you don't have to worry about it falling to pieces or about joints shaking apart.

No other Wood Oven range can compare!!

Our Mobile Ovens are now being used all across England and Ireland in Mobile Catering Vans. They have been reporting such fantastic returns and results, so much so that many of our customers do not want us to advertise what their Catering Units look like for fear of being copied.

If you are thinking about building a Mobile Wood Burning Catering Empire, or maybe just buying one Oven to give you added income on the weekends.....then we can help you on your journey to success.

We have a number of options:

  • Self-install - You buy an Oven from us and install it on your own trailer
  • Factory Install - If you have a trailer of your own  we can put you in touch with coach builders who know what to do .
  • Design and Install - Based on your requirements we can get a catering trailer built for you and then install an oven in it .
  • Our 'Ready To Go' Multi-Functional Oven - This is a compact medium-size Oven already built onto a trailer complete with all the trimmings you won't have seen anything like it!!!!!
  • Basic no frills Mobile Oven - Ideal for those who want something functional to start with.
mobile woodfired pizza oven
£27,830.00 ex. VAT
£33,396.00 inc. VAT

The New Dingley Dell Compact Wood Fired Pizza Oven Catering Unit.

No Frills Mobile Pizza Oven
£ ex. VAT
£0.00 inc. VAT
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The perfect compact budget oven to get you started.

£ ex. VAT
£0.00 inc. VAT
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£ ex. VAT
£0.00 inc. VAT
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We also supply our ovens for installation into catering trailers carts and vehicles.

please do not hesitate to contact us for more information 01905621636


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