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Commercial LARGE 115cm UNINSULATED Oven
£6,641.25 ex. VAT
£7,969.50 inc. VAT

The un-insulated oven is the perfect oven if you are going to get your builders in to build a housing of your own design.


The un-insulated oven is the perfect oven if you are going to get your builders in to build a housing of your own design.

Our Large Commercial Wood Burning Oven is ideal for restaurants and fast food outlets wanting to have the authentic taste of wood fired pizza

This oven has double the internal floor space of the medium oven; a whopping 1 square meter of cooking space. While the dimensions of this oven are almost identical with the domestic large oven, the commercial oven is made from a much higher grade of refractory which has enhanced reinforcing at 3 levels to ensure that the oven can withstand the abuse typical of a hard working commercial kitchen

This oven has been installed both indoors in busy commercial take-away outlets and outdoors in pub gardens and beach cafes. Please have a look at our customer comments

Our commercial range of ovens has been tested and complies with the curent UK legislation for Class 1 indoor solid fuel appliances.

When installing an oven indoors it will be necessary to meet current UK building regulations for Class 1 Fires and Flues, and the flue pipes will need to be installed by a qualified engineer.

The Large Commercial Wood Burning Oven package includes:

  • The Oven floor including 4 hand made oven floor cooking tiles,
  • The Commercial Oven Dome hand made in one piece and reinforced for ultimate strength.
  • A stainless steel wedge door and Rain Cap .


 Pizza Peel, Coal hook, Large dial oven thermometer, lid grid , flue extensions and cowl.

The Dimensions of this  Large Wood Burning oven are approximately:

Length 56" 144cm
Width 49.5" 125cm
Dome Height 22" 56cm

Door entry and landing pad dimensions for all of our ovens are the same.


Door Height 9.5" 24cm
Width 16" 41cm
Flue Outlet 7" 18cm

Internal cooking space is a circle 43" /110cm in diameter

Within that circle are 4 x 1" /25mm thick, heavy duty refractory tiles.  Once heated these tiles keep the oven warm for hours enabling you to cook all types of Mediterranean dishes, slow roasts and baking.

The floor of our oven is cast in one piece, making it quick and easy to set up.
The dome of the oven is hand made in one piece so no special skills are needed to set the oven up. Please watch the online video which shows how easy it is to set up on of our ovens.

3 Easy steps

1) Build the Base , or you can order one of our quick assemble stands to make this even easier .
2) Put the floor of the oven on the base  and fit the loose cooking  floor tiles .
3) Put the oven dome on the base .

That is all you need to do, then light your curing fire and within a day you can start cooking !

Please note : The oven floor weighs approximately 110 kg and the oven dome weighs approximately 170 kg so you will need at least 4 strong people to set it up. A fully iinsulated oven usually weighs about 650 kg.

Click on the following links for more Information:

Setting up your oven  PDF File

Wood burning oven  General Instructions of use PDF File

Lighting a fire in your wood burning oven PDF File

Exact large oven base size PDF file


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