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Medium Oven Kit  Oven floor Oven Dome and the Door
Medium 80cm Domestic Party Size Standard Uninsulated Oven
£2,500.00 ex. VAT
£3,000.00 inc. VAT

By far our most popular  size of oven

The ultimate pizza oven/wood burning oven for the English climate. Easy to use fast to set up and  cooks fantastic food.

Our wood-burning Pizza Oven is quite unique. Although it is based upon ancient Roman designs - we use 21st century materials our specially formulated reinforced Fire cement is a medium density insulator , which means it comes up to temperature very fast  this makes it ideal for our temperamental weather .

Our medium sized oven is our most popular oven catering for most domestic equipments  and being big enough to cater for from 2 to 80 people . 

The Pizza Oven is rustic in finish and comes waterproofed in a light brown colour. The oven is very safe to use. The insulating aggregates that we use mean that the oven rarely overheats on the outside and plants can be planted right up to the edge of the oven. The oven, as standard, comes with a terracotta tiled floor which is ideal for cooking most things including pizza bread, kleftiko, slow roast casseroles, and hot smoking.

The Pizza Oven include the floor of the oven (together with the 9 terracotta tiles) the special oven dome, a wedge door and a lid for the chimney to keep the animals out.

Delivery to most England destinations 9am-5pm on a Friday is now included in the list price, a surcharge will apply to deliveries to Scotland, and offshore destinations.

For Pictures of How to make a pizza ovens click here.

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The most Popular accessories are

  • Wooden handled, 12" aluminum peel
  • Large dial oven thermometer
  • Lid grid
  • Coal Hook
  • 1m flue  and cowl

The Pizza Oven has a foot print of approximately 4 x 3 ft. or 122cm  long and 92cm wide  and is approximately 2ft high and  weighs about 230kg in total floor and dome. It can easily be assembled by to 2 fit people .

The internal cooking space is a circle 33" or 91cm diameter within that circle there are 9 terocotta 1" or 25mm thick which give a  hot surface area 23.5" or 60 cm square.

The door opening is 16" 40cm wide and 9.5" 24cm high

The chimney will acept a 6" 15cm flue pipe .


The Terracotta Tile floor allows you to cook anything from pizza to Christmas lunch. The Pizza Oven can be fired with charcoal or logs, either produce a long lasting fire for cooking all Mediterranean style cuisine at any time of year.

The Pizza Oven can be installed in almost any location, inside or out and we will be happy to provide guidance on setting the oven up . Cooking for the whole family is easy in the Pizza Oven while trained chefs can cater for as many as 120 people.

The economical use of logs is important to maintain the best cooking temperatures. Oak, Beech and Silver Birch are among the best for achieving this, whereas fruit woods are best for adding flavors. The fire is normally built and maintained inside the oven on the right hand side using 3 - 4 split logs at a time. The remainder of the floor is then used as the direct cooking surface adjacent to the fire. Bread baking, slow roasting and stews can be cooked with the fire ash left in or raked out, and the wedge door in position.

Please call me on 01905621636 if there is any other information that you may need .

Please select a delivery option
England on Fridays 9am-5pm
England Timed Delivery (add £30)
Scotland price from (add £30)
Ireland price from (add £120)
Wales fridays 9am-5pm (add £30)

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