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 Dome House FAQs 
  • What is included in the price of a Basic Pot House?
    The Standard Pot House includes: The Pot with a door opening, 2 small side window openings, a big back window opening, the specially designed benching system with drop down and removable table so that it can be turner into a big bed or gazebo. It also includes the Dome Top Wooden Steps leading into the Pot House and a Candelabra.

  • What is included in the Standard Pot House?
    The Standard Pot House includes everything in the Basic Pot House, as well as all the soft furnishings - tented ceiling, window and door blinds, curtains and curtain rails, 1 main seat cushion, 3 seat back cushions and 3 loose cushions.

  • What is included in the Deluxe Pot House?
    The Deluxe Pot House includes every thing that is in the Standard Pot House but also has the electrics which include - Underfloor Central Heating built into the walls, a double plug socket under the bench, a thermostat control for central heating, a light switch and simple spot light in the roof (it has an external mains connection point).

  • Do I need Planning Permission if i want to have a Pot House in my garden?
    Provided that the Pot House is more than 5m away from the main house you do not need planing permission of any type. It cannot be contested as the Pot is a temporary structure and can be moved.

  • What preparation needs to be done before the Pot House arrives?
    The Pot House will sit on a level concrete base 6-8 inches deep and 4ft in diameter. This you will need to construct at least 14 days before the Pot arrives.

  • How long will it take to install my Pot House (Simple delivery)?
    It usually takes 2 people about 2 hours to install a Pot House, provided that we have clear reasonable level access minimum of 2.7m wide and 3.5m high. Please see pictures for simple 'dolly delivery'. Not everyone has a level garden and you may have some small steps, we can still do a dolly delivery but will take longer and we will need to bring extra lifting equipment.

  • What happens if i don't have clear access 2.7m x 3.5m high?
    This really depends on whether we can go over a fence ,wall or hedge. In these circumstances it is possible to get a local farmer to lift it using a teleporter (see teleporter delivery in pictures) It this is still not viable then we can crane it into the garden. All we need to do is a site visit and source a crance company to carry out the work.

  •  I need a crane - how much can I expect it to cost?
    Costs of crane hire vary from town-to-town. The most we have had to pay so far is £700.00 for a lift over a 3 storey house. The least amount was £250.00 over a garage. Prices vary from each crane company.

  • What is included in the standard quoted delivery cost?
    Provided that we do not have to use any external lifting equipmen, we will deliver and install the Pot House in your garden within the delivery price that we quote. Cost of crane hire is an added expenses which is paid directly to the crane company.

  • If we have a Deluxe Pot House what electric supply do we need?
    We would suggest that you get an Electrician to install 20 Amp armoured cable to the back of the concrete slab to ensure more than enough power for the Pot House and any additional water features or garden lights that you may wish to put around the Pot House. We would also recommend that this cable is connected to an RCD Unit at its source , RUNNING AN EXTENSION CABLE IS NOT A VIABLE OPTION.

  • What material is used on the soft furnishings?
  • 15oz rot resistant waterproof industrial canvas which can be left out all year round.

  • When it rains will it get wet in the Pot House?
    Whilst the Pot House is not 100% water-tight, you would be unfortunate if it rained into the pot. Window ridges are at the widest point of the Pot so any water dripping off these will fall free. If you have the blinds down and there is some wind then rain will hit the blind and fall free.

  • What type of wood is used for the benches?
    All the wood in the Pot House is made from Industrial Grade Marine Ply Wood giving the longest life expectancy possible.

  • What maintenance needs to be done on the wood in the Pot House?
    We have painted all the Marine Ply in the Pot House with 2 coats of Ronseal 5yr Teak Wood Stain . We recommend that you give all the wood a further coat of this paint within the first 6 months there after as necessary to keep it looking good.

  • What maintenance needs to be done on the outside of the Pot House?
    The outside of the Pot has been painted with one coat of Dulux 15 yr exterior grade masonry paint colour RICH HAVANA. This is available from any good DIY Store. During the first year you may some weathering of this paint coat. Some prefer this weathered look whilst others prefer a fresher clean look. Simply paint your Pot using a wool roller if you think it may need it.

  • What colour is the inside of the Pot House?
    The inside of the Pot House is painted with  Dulux Smooth Exterior Paint -SANDELWOOD.

  • What Colour can I have my Pot House?
    As standard we paint the inside of the Pot House a dark brown and the outside a light sandy brown. But within reason you could haver the Pot House any colour you want.

  • What colour are the Soft Furnishings?
    The tented ceiling is white canvas. Main seat cushion is brown. Seat backs cushions are brown on one side and burnt orange on the other. Window blinds are brown. Curtains are brown on one side and hessian on the other. Loose cushions are brown on oneside and burnt orange on the other.

  • What if i want the soft furnishings in another colour?
    We buy in our canvas in white brown and orange, so we can make the soft furnishings in any combination of these. We will allso happily make the furnishings out of fabric supplied by you but we will unfortunatly not be able to guarantee the durability or performance of these fabrics.

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