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to find out how we got involved with the tv program 'LOVE YOUR GARDEN' with ALAN TITCHMARSH

    Dome Home

    This Dome Home could be a very posh or modern garden office or granny flat it could also be the answer to the world wide housing shortage.

    This is Zulu's house. Its just 1 mile from the low cost homes
    This Is Zulu's Home.

    One morning in January 2011 I drove around the sleepy village  of Verlliers Dorp just off the garden Route in the western Cape.

    I came across this informal settlement (shanty town, or squatters camp) I was taking pictures of the homes for this presentation when I spotted this little house being built so I went and asked the man about his home.

    His name was Zulu he was from Qwa Zulu Natal and had come to the western cape to pick fruit he had no where to live so he had been sleeping rough and building his home with what he could find. Using traditional techniques that he had been taught as a boy he was packing a mixture of cow dung mud and straw on to a lattice of sticks that had been tied together .

    I stopped and spoke to  27 year old Zulu for about half an hour, he was polite and helpful and he spoke excellent English but that is not what impressed me the most he was confident and knew what he was doing  and what's more he was making  a good job and building a good home with the materials that he had.

    I was excited. Here was a man who had no formal construction knowledge just some hand down experience yet seeing what he had made I knew that in no time at all I could teach him the skills  he would need to build one of my domes and it would not blow away in the wind.

    All around his home were other informal houses that had been built  by people with similar skills  all of whom could build a dome home

    A home built by the people for the people

    I have a vision that with the help of people like Zulu and your support we can build 1 million homes within 10 years ! What would it take for you to share that vision ?

    Hot News 

    On the 6th of January 2011 Dingley Dell Enterprises was recognised as a top 10 finalist in the Lafarge 2010 european invention awards  for sustainable construction. Despite not wining one of the top 3 places Lafarge has recognised the importance of sustainable low-cost housing in the third world and has committed 20000 euros to help realize the pilot project in south Africa where 20 dome homes will be built for the Project O Children of aids Orphanage. This will help Kick start the dome home solution which impower unskilled people to build fantastic homes.

    We have also gained support for this program with commitments for materials from amongst others  Owens Corning and easy spred.

    Project O children of aids orphanage has committed to raise ?20 000 to make this a reality.

    This amounts to just 1000 pounds sterling  for a 2 bedroom 50m2 disaster resistant home. Any corporate or personal sponsorship would be welcomed.

    If you would like more information on how you could be involved in helping not only Project O but people around the world who live in sub standard housing then please contact us.

    more info on lafarge invention awards