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Chimenea FAQs

  • Where do Chimeneas originate
    Chimeneas originated hundreds if not thousands of years ago by Mexican tribesmen who developed the Chimeneas as a means of heating for their family as well as a vessel for cooking in. Today however, there is a wider choice of what Chimeneas are made from, etched cast iron, aluminium, clay and terracotta making Chimeneas modern but with the same original design created hundreds of years ago. Chimeneas have proven to be useful for more than just keeping you warm. You can also grill and cook food in a Chimenea.
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  • Are there any accessories for a Chimenea
    There are a range of accessories including lid grid, hibernation cover, coal hooks, coal basket, cooking grids and trivets.
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  • Can my Chimenea be used all year round
    Terracotta Chimeneas work best during the summer, leaving them out or using them during the winter months will probably cause them to crack and break. This is due to the fragile nature in which the Terracotta Chimeneas are made and the type of clay used. Cast Iron Chimeneas are also prone to rust if left outside for long periods of time. The Bushman Burner Chimeneas on the other hand can be used at any time of the year due to the industrial clay and the wire mesh structure used to create the Bushman Burner Chimeneas.
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  • How many people can a Chimenea keep warm
    This depends on the size of the burner and the type of fuel being used and the time of year. Obviously the bigger the Chimenea, the more people it will keep warm.
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  • What can I burn in my Chimenea
    Chimeneas are capable of burning all smokeless coals, house coal or logs, whereas Chimeneas recommend that you burn no more than three small logs at one time.
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  • Can I cook on a Chimenea
    Chimeneas are used as cooking devices, they can be used for grilling frying roasting and broiling.
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  • Can I cook down the chimney of a Chimenea
    Yes, provided that you make a fire using charcoal or wood you can smoke and cook down the chimney.
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  • Can I use a Chimenea as a barbeque
    Chimeneas can be used as barbeques provided that you remove the fire grate and replace with a cooking grid and trivet and your fire is made from wood or charcoal. You cannot barbeque over smokeless coal.
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  • Can I paint my Chimenea
    As Chimeneas vary in the way they are made, Terracotta, Cast Iron etc, it is best to check with your supplier if they can be customised. With a Bushman Burner though you can paint it any colour or design, in fact we recommend that you do. Bushman Burners are best painted using simple exterior masonry paint or timber sealant. Typical examples are Cuprinol Wall or Timber Shades. Examples of funky designs can be seen on our website.
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  • What is the life expectancy of a Chimenea
    Due to the nature of the product and the English climate this is a difficult question to answer, however, as a general rule much like a motorcar life expectancy is determined by the amount and type of use. The Terracotta Chimeneas are prone to crack because of the way they are made and leaving a cast iron Chimenea outside for long periods of time could cause it to rust.
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  • Will my Chimenea crack
    Cracks in Chimeneas, will render the product unserviceable within a very short period of time and due to the weather fluctuations in Britain means that this could happen sooner rather then later. A Over a period of time it is inevitable that the Bushman Burner may develop one or more cracks, in most cases these are merely surface crazes which are caused as a result of the huge difference in expansion between the inside and outside surface temperatures. Due to the fact that Bushman Burners are reinforced the cracks are merely superficial
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  • Can my Chimenea be repaired
    It is best to check with your supplier to find out whether the Terracotta stlyle Chimeneas or the Cast Iron Chimeneas can be repaired. In contrast where holes may develop due to negligence, knocks or bangs, Bushman Burners can be repaired by ordering a patch kit from Dingley Dell Enterprises. Small holes, cracks and grazes can be filled by using fire cement, obtainable from your local DIY store.
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  • Are there any special precautions to take
    Care must be taken when handling Terracotta Chimeneas as some could be fragile, it is best not to move them around too much as they may end up cracking or breaking. Cast Iron Chimeneas are also likely to get extremely hot when in use so a lot of care and attention is needed when using a Cast Iron Chimenea to avoid serious burns.
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  • Can I use a Chimenea without a fire grate
    It is best to check with your supplier to find out whether the Terracotta stlyle Chimeneas or the Cast Iron Chimeneas can be used without a fire grate. With a Bushman Burner if you wish to burn charcoal or logs the Burner will work well without a fire grate. You will however need to put a small quantity of sand in the bottom of the burner to protect the base from impact damage. The fire that you make should be made in the middle of the burner and not stacked up against the back. If you are burning smokeless coal or house coal then you do need to replace the fire grate.
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  • How close can I plant my plants to a Chimenea
    Cast Iron Chimeneas are likely to get extremely hot when lit, so it is best to put plants as far away as possible. Due to the fact that the outside surface of a Bushman Burner does not overheat, you can plant some plants as close as 6" away.
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  • What is the best position for a Chimenea
    Chimeneas are best placed on the edge of a patio in a flower border. This will make the burner part of the garden, and will mean that when you sit around the burner you are looking into the garden rather than at a blank wall. By placing your burner in a flowerbed, valuable patio space is not wasted.
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  • Can I move my Chimenea
    Yes, within reason Chimeneas can be moved or repositioned. However, we recommend that once you have found the perfect position in your garden it is advisable to leave it in place as more damage can occur through knocks and bangs and unnecessary handling when moving the burner.
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  • How far away from my Chimenea will I be sitting
    This will be determined by the time of year and the type of fire you have. For instance, if your fire is a smokeless coal fire then typically on a cool summer evening a Chimenea will radiate heat for 2-4 ft. and keep 2-4 people comfortably warm.
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  • What should I do if it starts to rain and my Chimenea is already lit
    The Terracotta Chimeneas may not be able to cope with the temperature changes associated with the rain on the hot outer surface, so it is advisable to stop using your Chimenea. There is no need to panic when using a Bushman Burner as they are capable of withstanding the temperature fluctuations associated with thermal shock and are unaffected by rainfall even when lit, although they may steam a little.
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  • What is the difference between a bushman burner and a Mexican chiminea
    Chimeneas are made of terracotta or river clay, some are dried in wood fires. Bushman Burners are made from a special blend of industrial clays, which are designed specifically to withstand very high temperatures associated from making large wood or coal fires. Furthermore, Bushman Burners have a patented wire mesh reinforcing which holds them together; this means that even if the Bushman Burner does crack, it will not fall apart like a Mexican Chimenea.
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